The Future of Transit in San Diego

I think we can all agree that the above image is, unfortunately, an increasingly familiar sight for San Diego residents. As our transportation system has failed to keep up with our population growth, the gridlock on our highways continues to get worse. A recent study of the traffic conditions in over 400 cities, conducted by the Texas Transportation Institute, found that San Diego was the ninth worst with drivers here spending around 52 hours a year stuck in traffic. Researchers added that as we come out of this economic downturn, we can expect the traffic problem to become even worse [1]. Yikes!

In response to our increasing gridlock, a stagnant public transportation system, and the environmental threats posed by fossil fuel emissions, the California Public Interest Research Group (CALPIRG) has started a petition that calls on San Diego’s transit authority (SANDAG) to prioritize public transportation projects that are convenient, reliable, energy-efficient, and improve inter-neighborhood connectivity [2]. We here at the San Diego Historic Streetcar Project couldn’t agree more and urge everyone to go sign their petition ASAP.

We also see the Class 1 streetcars as a valuable and necessary part of any solution to this problem. These historic landmarks can be preserved for future generations, while simultaneously serving our city as a viable, cost-effective, green energy public transportation option and connecting many of San Diego’s finest inner city neighborhoods.

You can read more about our vision for the restoration and return of the historic Class 1 streetcars in the “Restoration” section of our website.

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