Flashback Friday: Historic Postcards

1915 California Exposition Postcard

A depiction of a Class 1 streetcar at 5th Ave & B street, taken from a 1915 Panama-California Exposition postcard. Originally published by Eno & Matteson, San Diego, CA.

Every once in a while our organization comes across some interesting historical artifacts related to the Class 1 streetcars and San Diego’s early history. You may recall some of our previous posts on the topic, and if you follow our Facebook page, you’ve definitely seen some pretty cool historic photos of these streetcars and their old stomping grounds. This time around, we’ve got a pair of antique postcards to share with you.

Please scroll through the photos in the slideshow below to follow along.

The first postcard depicts an evening scene at the junction of 5th Avenue & B Street and bears the official seal of the 1915 California Exposition on the reverse side. The shape of the streetcar pictured, as well as the historic importance of the Class 1s in relation to the Exposition, suggests that this is indeed one of the twenty four original Class 1 streetcars. To top off the historic charm, a short and whimsical note from one friend to another on the reverse reads: “This street has a good many picture shows on it, so I’m generally on it when in San Diego” and is signed “Yours looking South”. This is easily one of our favorite finds yet!

The second postcard is equally interesting, showing two San Diego Electric Railway Company motormen in front of a Class 1 streetcar that ran out to “East San Diego”, which at that time was City Heights. The #2 streetcar line ended at University & Euclid Ave. If you peer closely, you can even catch a glimpse of some of the advertisements that lined the roof of the Class 1s interior… wow!

Hope you all enjoy seeing San Diego as it once was as much as we do. We hope to restore a bit of that history– and a bit of practical public transportation– to San Diego’s streets in the near future. If you’d like to help out, please head to our website and find out how you can get involved!

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