SANDAG Funding — Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard!

Keep San Diego Moving with meaningful transit funding— and a streetcar!

SANDAG, the metropolitan planning organization for our region, has announced that they will be seeking a one-half cent sales tax initiative as a local funding source to help implement and augment the 2050 Regional Plan. This local sales tax would be used to support specific projects and programs. As such, SANDAG is reaching out to the community to identify the priorities for this round of funding.

We encourage you to take the time to get involved and let your voice be heard. There a variety of ways you can get give feedback, the easiest being the online survey SANDAG has posted. Please include “Transit” and “City Projects” in your priority selections and exclude “Highways”— the 2050 RTP has enough highway funding as it is now and needs to advance further transit projects to be effective. The survey also provides a section where the responder can write in their own idea for a specific project or program. Please be sure to mention the historic Class 1 streetcars by name in this section. You are limited to 500 characters, so you’ll have to be brief. We’ve prepared a comment that you are welcome to copy & paste to show support for streetcars:

San Diego is in desperate need of more transportation options. As both an engine of economic development and a practical transit circulator that will reconnect our urban neighborhoods, the restoration of the historic Class 1 streetcars is the project that can provide the most overall benefit for the city of San Diego.

If you’re able to get involved in other ways, SANDAG has a number of public meetings and telephone town hall meetings that we recommend you attend. More information on those are available at their website.

Thanks in advance for showing your support for streetcars in San Diego. With your help, we can make this project a reality and enact meaningful change in the region’s transportation landscape.

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