On Hold: The Plaza de Panama Plan

Yesterday, after the City Council Rules Committee passed along the memorandum of understanding for the Irwin Jacobs’ Plaza de Panama Plan without their endorsement, the philanthropist and entrepreneur has decided to step back and “wait and see what happens” regarding the city’s stance on the plan. Jacobs went on to express concern that if it takes too long for “the city to get on board” that we are likely to “miss the centennial date”. [1]

Given the suspension of the only funded plan for transforming Balboa Park for the Panama-California Exposition centennial celebration of 2015, it is imperative that we — city and community leaders, philanthropists, business associations, developers, community associations, non-profits, corporations, small businesses, and citizens — come together to develop some alternative plans for revitalizing Balboa Park in case the city fails to find the support needed to get the Jacobs plan rolling again.

We’ve got some ideas that we’re working on, which we will be sharing with you soon. We would also love to hear some of yours — let’s brainstorm! What are the most important goals we can reach by 2015 related to Balboa Park? Where do you see the Class 1 streetcars fitting into the equation?

One thought on “On Hold: The Plaza de Panama Plan

  1. My husband of 81 years attended the Panama Exposition. His family traveled to San Diego from Milwaukee WI. Later he would attend Boot Camp in San Diego, and even later our family would move to San Diego, and we lived there for 30 years – nice place. I’d love to see San Diego have streetcars again, so our children could ride them and enjoy again the times I had on the Milwaukee streetcars – what a friendly way of travel. B.

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