Hop in the ‘Hood

The 9th Annual Hop in the ‘Hood, put on by Hillquest last Sunday, was a ton of fun! It’s always great to see a richly diverse community coming together to just have a good time.

This event marked the first time that the public was able to actually enter Class 1 No. 138 since the 1930s and the feedback was quite positive! It was also nice to see Councilpersons Carl DeMaio and Todd Gloria out at Hop in the ‘Hood. Todd Gloria really got the crowd excited about the return of streetcar service and spoke to KUSI briefly about what streetcars can do for our urban neighborhoods. We couldn’t agree more, Councilman!

Up next: look for Car No. 138 at the South Park Summer Walkabout on July 16th!

2 thoughts on “Hop in the ‘Hood

  1. I hope that they are going to make sure that these street cars comply with all Federal and State laws regarding accessibility so that everyone can use and enjoy them.

    The disability community had to fight long and hard to gain access to the Trolley system when the City first put it into service excluding those with physical disabilities because of the lack of lifts for those who use wheelchairs.

    Please don’t make the same mistake. Make sure that all the street cars are accessible to everyone!

  2. Absolutely, Michael. We feel very strongly that all public transportation should comply with all accessibility laws. Our project will fight to ensure that everyone in our community gets the opportunity to experience these San Diego treasures.

    Luckily the structure and design of the Class 1 streetcars lends itself particularly well to the installation of ADA accessible equipment on both sides of the vehicle — and without altering the historic fiber of the cars! Just another reason the Class 1s are a perfect fit for San Diego.

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