A Surplus of Funds

A surplus is not a concept we deal with all too often in the realm of contemporary American government, but nonetheless that is the news coming out of SANDAG this week.

After weighing their options and collecting public input, Caltrans and the Federal Highway Administration have selected the “Express Lanes Only” option for the I-5 expansion plan. This plan, the least expensive of the four considered, will convert the I-5 in the north coastal region to include eight all-purpose lanes and four express lanes and reduces the cost of the project from $4.3 billion down to $3.5 billion. Presented with the opportunity of redistributing $800 million to other transportation projects in the 2050 RTP, SANDAG’s Transportation Committee is holding a joint session with the Regional Planning Committee tomorrow, Friday July 15th, at 10:30am to discuss the management of those excess dollars.

Right now SANDAG has only accounted for funding roughly 10% of the streetcar projects in the 2050 RTP. We encourage everyone to please head down to the SANDAG Board at 401 B Street, 7th Floor in downtown San Diego and voice support for using a portion of these funds to ensure we get our streetcar lines and we get them soon! Also, be sure to tell them you want historic streetcars, as our San Diego treasures can operate as practical transportation and unique economic engines for our urban neighborhoods.

Thank you, we hope to see you there. Only with your support can we make streetcars in San Diego a reality!

Source: Move San Diego