About This Project

This is the official blog of The San Diego Historic Streetcars Project. Here you’ll find current updates on our progress in bringing back the historic Class 1 Streetcars to San Diego, California.

You can view our website, which contains extensive information on the history and restoration of these historic landmarks, as well as a gallery of images and details of community and corporate support for the return of the San Diego Streetcars, here.

One thought on “About This Project

  1. Why is this project taking so LLOOONNNGGG?
    These antique historic streetcars would be such a fantastic tourist attraction.
    I thinK these unique antique streetcars running on some of their original track would fit into our community PERFECTLY and they would set the stage for a real historic district. Other cities with historic streetcar systems know that they attract tourists and generate tourist dollars for the community. I think it is vital for San Diego to move forward with this project especially in light of our currently depressed economy is such need of a BOOST. We must take action.
    I know if this project actually gets going it will be appricated and enjoyed by many people for years and YEARS!

    As for me, I love the style of the older ones even though I know there are some later models streetcars being considered for this streetcar revival project. The way I see it, it just makes no sense to put a later generation model on the tracks when the “originals” are available.

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